G DATA Network Monitoring

Keep track of all processes on the network – from the CPU workload of servers and clients to the toner level of the printers. Our software informs you about potential issues – before they can harm your system.

Ensure availability

Prevent downtime and react quickly to irregularities on your network.

Detect trends

Always keep track of how the sub-areas of your infrastructure develop – and gain important insights that help plan resources.

Save time

IT management consumes less time thanks to the monitoring of devices and processes. Your employees quickly receive relevant information.

Centralized monitoring of your entire network

When storage space gets low, when data are not processed properly or when your web shop is currently not available – beware of these and other challenges with the secure tool for network monitoring. Our software collects data that help detect irregularities on the network. Statistic evaluation demonstrates at a glance which areas might possibly lead to problems – to prevent issues before they can occur. In case of emergency you automatically receive a notice via email.


Expand your G DATA business solution


G DATA Network Monitoring is available as an additional module for your business solution. Login to the web-based dashboard via our online platform “Action Center”. No matter where you are and which device you currently use: Administer all functions via your browser. Connect this cloud service with your G DATA Management Server to access your entire client structure in the Action Center. The devices on your network are recognized automatically.


Configure metrics in G DATA Action Center that help monitoring hardware, software and selected devices. The simply structured dashboard serves as your personal control center to keep you posted on the current status.

A simple traffic light system helps gain an overview of reports. In addition, you find your favorite metrics and status changes in the logs. On the dashboard you can quickly see which network areas require your attention.


Available metrics

With G DATA Network Monitoring you supervise your hardware and software within your infrastructure, e.g:

  • Hard drives
  • CPUs
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Web servers
  • Mail servers
  • Database servers
  • and many more

How to use G DATA Network Monitoring

 Create metric templates

Create templates for frequent usage with only a few clicks and use them with all the devices you like. Choose from several predefined categories, such as “Local process”, “Printer” or “SNMP devices”. Select one of the available metrics, e.g. “Internal memory in use” or “Paper status printer”. A threshold value can be configured as well. If you want to change settings later, all metrics related to this template will be updated automatically.

Add metrics

Combine a template with a device in order to create a metric. You can add several metrics at once by choosing various templates and multiple devices. You can pick any client connected to your G DATA Management Servers.

Select a metric

In the Details view you get extended information on a selected metric. The statistics help you detect trends in order to plan infrastructure investments ahead of time. Every status change gets its own log entry.

Email alert

Receive an email when reported values exceed or fall below the threshold value. You are immediately informed when, for example, your servers are overburdened or your web shop might go down. By being able to react to irregularities on your network before it is too late, you reduce the administration expenses immensely.

Further information

Techpaper Network Monitoring

Read our additional documents about Network Monitoring and learn more about the usage scenarios for your company.

 Factsheet Network Monitoring

The factsheet provides a brief overview of the add-on module.

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